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Technicoat Coil Coating Specifications

Technicoat Coating Description
TechniCoat 10-2 is a coating system that follows a prescribed set of procedures and protocols designed to insure the highest standard of quality. The system uses a modified-phenolic coating specifically formulated with elasticity properties for use on HVAC coils and equipment.

Surface Material
TechniCoat 10-2 is designed especially for metals found in manufacturing HVAC equipment specifically, copper and aluminum.

Coating Characteristics
Finished coating surface will be free of micro-porosity, have no bridging between fins, shall be chemical resistant to naturally occurring corrosive environments (specifically salt-water environment), lead free, hexavalent chromium free, polyurethane free, non-conductive, flexible, UV resistant and subscribes to the national standard known as Post-Coating Chemical Resistance Guide. PCRG is available upon request.

Finished coating shall be a glossy standard phenolic red oxide. Finished coating will show no softening, blistering, cracking, flaking, or loss of adhesion. Coating penetration of the coil will be 100% and show no holidays or inclusions.

Surface will be prepared initially by decontaminate and degrease wash. Surface then will be chemically etched. Coil will be totally immersed in a modified-phenolic solution. Dissimilar metals, i.e. exposed copper return bends and tubes in contact with galvanized end plates, will be encapsulated. Final top coat of modified-phenolic will be applied by spray system with specific build up for fin edges, then cured.

Quality Control
To ensure the quality and integrity of the coating, TechniCoat 10-2 operates with an established written quality control system known as TQS 10-003.

Performance Level
ASTM-B117 passed 4,500 hours per ASTM-D1654 criteria. (Salt-spray fog test.)
ASTM-D3359, method B, rated 5B (Cross-hatch adhesion test.)
ASTM-D2794, less than 10 in lbs. (Impact resistance test.)
ASTM-D3363, less than HB, (Pencil hardness test.)
High temperature test: coating soft at 450f.
Water immersion test: 75f/24hr, no surface effects.

Version 10.2.2010.01