Our Warranty, Our Guarantee!

Aero-Marine Engineering, Inc. (“AME-Technicoat”) provides the following extended ten (10) year limited warranty (“Limited Warranty”) to its customers purchasing TechniCoat that has been applied as a coil coating by Aero-Marine Engineering. This Limited Warranty is subject to the terms, conditions, limitation and exclusions contained herein.Furthermore, this Limited Warranty applies only to TechniCoat coatings that have been applied by AME to coils for use only in the continental United States.

Key Points of Our Warranty...

AME under this Limited Warranty warrants that for a period of ten years from the date of shipment from AME of the coated coil against a failure of the coating to protect the coil from corrosion from the outside to the inside of the coil or loss of adhesion (i.e., failure of the coating or failure in the workmanship in the application of the coating).

This Limited Warranty only applies when the coated coil has been properly installed and maintained. The Limited Warranty does not cover coating failures caused by such things as...
Failure to properly maintain and service the coated coil. Proper maintenance is defined in the actual warranty.
Electrical currents including, but not limited to those occurring due to improper grounding of equipment.
Corrosion occurring from the inside to the outside of the coil.
Damage caused by third parties, including plant or animal life.
Direct or repeated contact with salt water or other corrosive materials.
Corrosive Environments other than salt-spray are limited to a three-year warranty.

Download PDF of Warranty Here

It's More Than a Coating, It's a Process

Before we coat anything, it goes thru a stringent inspection. Then a thorough cleaning before the final preparation and then the coating applied.

AME's TechniCoat is NOT just a coating but a specific process. The preparation of the material to be coated is 60% of the process known as TechniCoat. The fact is, you can have the best coating materail around, but if it doesn't stay on the substrate, then it is useless. Therefore, at AME, our process of TechniCoat is certified, verified and controlled so that when you get a TechniCoated coil, you are getting more than just a coated coil, you are getting a process that not only do we stand behind, but we are proud of. Our coating is polyurethane free as well as Hex-chromium and lead free.

The process of TechniCoat AA application starts with providing a plant facility with a stringent non-contaminate environment. When a piece is received for coating, an initial inspection is performed. If the piece passes inspection then it is moved on to go through a multi-step cleaning process finalized by a chemical etch primer. Once acceptably prepared, then the coating process begins by controlled spraying onto the piece, which includes a primer and topcoat. Next, a process to prevent bridging takes place. Then a finish coat is applied. The piece is then moved to an area for final curing and inspection before crating and shipping.